An elevated vista of Memekueshu lake in Akamiu-Uapishku, with a mountain range in the distance

Akamiu-Uapishkᵘ Branding

Celebrating and honouring Innu culture

Akamiu-Uapishkᵘ is 20,000 km² of pristine and spiritual land in Nitassinan (Labrador) where Innu way of life, spirituality, culture, language, and history are preserved, protected, shared, and celebrated by Innu and non-Innu. Many Innu families lived throughout Akamiu-Uapishkᵘ before they were resettled into community living, and many Innu continue to use the land for traditional cultural use with their families. Innu Parks, a division of Innu Nation, is responsible for guiding the stewardship of the land.

For this project, our task was to gather an understanding of what Akamiu-Uapishkᵘ means for the Innu way of life, and to create a brand that communicates what makes the area special. Many thanks to Innu Parks for hosting a research trip in September 2021 and introducing us to some touchstones of Innu culture.

The logo for Akamiu-Uapishku is designed to represent the white-capped mountains and wildlife of the area, especially animals that are important to Innu culture, like goose, beaver and caribou. It is also meant to honour the importance of nutshimit and the spiritual people of the region.

On an overcast fall day overlooking a rocky valley that leads to a pond, a man standing at the foot of the pond

In September 2021, Perfect Day team documented a visit to the area.

Nutshimit (the land) is the foundation of Innu life, and the life of all beings. There is a sacred unity between the region of Akamiu-Uapishkᵘ and Innu of Nitassinan. Innu and the land, water, fauna, and flora of Akamiu-Uapishkᵘ have existed as part of the same ecosystem for thousands of years.

Akamiu-Uapishku branded sticker on the rear window of a white SUV on a sunny day