Andersons Butcher & Takeaway
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An elevated vista of Memekueshu lake in Akamiu-Uapishku, with a mountain range in the distance
Akamiu-Uapishkᵘ Branding
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A postcard for Hillhead House shop with a strong floral pattern on the front
Hillhead House
Branding / Full Brand Identity / Promotional
A poster for Love, the Last Chapter and Saturday Night on a white wall
NFB / ONF Posters
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Cardboard beer can trays stacked up and stamped with the Landwash logo
Landwash Brewery
Branding / Full Brand Identity / Packaging / Print / Promotional / Signage
Hands holding a tablet showing an illustration of a vehicle being scanned
Repairify Websites
Digital / Websites
Painted image of a hand dropping a fork onto a broken plate
Tell 911 Campaign
Ad Campaigns / Advertising / Animations / Digital
Cover of the Bonavista Biennale 2017 Catalogue feating a chair sculpture by Will Gill
Bonavista Biennale 2017 Catalogue
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A poster of a Vital Signs chart that shows stats about Newfoundland and Labrador
Vital Signs 2021
Books/Publications / Print
St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival 2014-Ongoing
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Atlantic Cultivation
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