Cardboard beer can trays stacked up and stamped with the Landwash logo

Landwash Brewery

Pioneering craft beer at home

Chris Conway and Christina Coady, along with founding partner Jennifer Defreyne, opened Landwash Brewery in Mount Pearl in 2018. It seems unimaginable now, but at the time, the number of breweries in the province was sparse, with only a few players on the scene. Named after a beach in Branch, NL, the inspiration for Landwash was clear from the start: that timeless Newfoundland magic. The colours that mark our coastal communities. The objects that wash up on the beach. The sense of home. Since opening, Landwash is continually striving to make great (and nice) beer, and putting it in the hands of people all across the province.

Two cans of Landwash beer on a grey background

Defining the brand

Landwash colours and illustrations are inspired by coastal areas of Newfoundland and Labrador, and the diverse array of colours and objects that you can find there. Seaweed, driftwood, bottle caps. What will wash up on the beach next?

Landwash logo with illustrations of items that wash up on Newfoundland beaches

Landwash ship-lap painted wood signage

An image of a bustling Landwash taproom with a bar area and large chalkboard

Expanding the brand

Landwash is continually developing new products and collaborating with other breweries. We create fit-for-purpose labels that allow the Landwash brand to be expressive and creative while maintaining a certain core ethos.

Picture of a large framed print of a pattern of regatta themed illustrations

Image of a psychedelic colourful bottled beer label among red flowers

Image of a caucasian hand holding a beer can illustrated with a ferry and a bridge

Photo courtesy Landwash Brewery

Two eight packs of 355mL beer with cartoon style labels

Four pack of 473mL beer cans with green labels and cucumber slice illustrations

Photo courtesy Landwash Brewery