The Merchant Tavern

Bringing mercantile Newfoundland history to a modern downtown public house.

Part of Raymonds Restaurant Group, this popular tavern is located in a heritage district that was once bustling with pub-loving merchants discussing the business of the day over food & drink. The restaurant’s branding sets this history in a modern context, and is closely tied to the interiors designed by Carvel & Helm.

A photograph of a brass Merchant Tavern outdoor sign against a stone wall

An overhead view of blue drinking glasses, cutlery placesettings and Merchant Tavern postcards and business cards on a table

Photo by Bold Creative

A closeup of a pile of Merchant Tavern postcards

A grouping of Merchant Tavern stationery and matchbox

An iMac displaying the homepage of the The Merchant Taven website

A dimly lit wall sconce lights up a Merchant Tavern wallpaper with an interlocking rope design

Custom wallpaper design commissioned by interior design agency Carvel & Helm

A photograph of a glass door with a white Merchant Tavern monogram vinyl on it

Photo by Bold Creative